Eight miles from downtown Castro Valley, Hideaway Ranch is located at the end of Cull Canyon Road. All levels of riders are welcome at Hideaway Ranch. Excellent care is provided for your horse by Alice and Lee who live on and manage the premises. A very clean 32 stall barn, 3 large and secured tack rooms, lighted indoor and outdoor arenas, a 50 foot round pen, and 90 acres of beautiful pasture provide a quite, peaceful and relaxing facility for you and your horse. The property has a security gate for your peace of mind. 


Stalled and Pasture Horses

Stalled horses are feed twice a day with your choice of quality alfalfa, wheat, or grass hay. Stalls are bedded with mini flakes and cleaned daily. 

Pasture horses are feed twice a day with quality alfalfa in the morning and grass hay in the evening.

Boarding Prices

STALL AND PADDOCK      $450.00 per month 

PADDOCK                                  $375.00 per month

PASTURE                                    $300.00 per month

TRAILER PARKING              $25.00   per month


Vaccination Clinics are held twice a year for your convenience.

A yearly de-worming schedule is posted to help you to remember when and what to de-worm your horse with.

In addition to the feeding and cleaning of stalls, other services are offered for you and your horse for a nominal fee. These services include:


1 extra flake of alfalfa or wheat hay         $60 per month

1 extra flake of grass hay                                $60 per month


Owner supplies grain and additives - must be bagged and ready to serve

Once a day for horses in the barn is a $1.00 per day, it is $3.00 for those horses in pasture that need graining.

As needed per day for horses in the barn    $2.00 per graining


Bedding and ½     $  75.00 per month

Double Bedding    $125.00 per month


AM & PM Daily $75.00 per month

As requested by owner $  5.00 per day


Per turnout (20 minutes) $  7.00


Per Walk (20 minutes) $20.00