"Hideaway Ranch, as its name suggests, is a hidden treasure located at the end of Cull Canyon Road in Castro Valley. The ranch is juxtaposed to Las Trampas Regional Park, which offers not only beautiful, serene riding trails but terrain challenging enough to condition limited distance and endurance horses.

The 103 acre ranch is well maintained and managed by its on-site owners Alice and Lee Tavare. Since October 2006, it has been home to my two horses: Nike, a nine year old Morgan; and Tuff, a 24 year old Quarter Horse. Hideaway provides my horses with a safe, happy home and offers me an inviting, friendly atmosphere."

- Janet Berkey


"Hideaway Ranch has always been a peaceful get away for me.  As a teenager, I spent hours everyday here in never-land where everyday problems disappear.  Now as an adult, I have the peace of mind that my horses are happy and healthy and well cared for as well as it being my escape from the stresses of life.

Alice and Lee genuinely care about each horse at Hideaway and treat them as if they were their own.  Whether it be the late night checks that Alice is famous for before lights out, or daily attention she gives to all the details of running a successful, family oriented boarding facility.  Not to mention the acres of trails where it's just you, your horse and God.  My horses are doing great and thriving here.  My life is richer with Hideaway Ranch back in my life."

- Dawn Mileham, 'Cammie' & 'Wysper'


"Hideaway is a unique refuge from urban life, yet it's less than 20 minutes away from a BART station.  As you drive into the canyon, city cares drop away and the beauty of nature seeps into your soul.  The horses feel safe and content here, and share their surroundings with deer, fox, turkey, quail, etc.  A trail ride into the East Bay Regional Park is all the therapy I need from my stresses.

One of the best things about Hideaway is the community of like-minded folks who love their horses, even if they follow different disciplines or have varying levels of expertise.  There is a general sense of acceptance and friendliness and no shortage of support and information on the care of horses.  We have the benefit of a trainer who boards at Hideaway, Susan, who works with many of us and knows our horses.  Our ranch manager Alice is a gem who goes beyond the expected level of care for our horses.  She is adept at seeing problems before they develop into crises and has had enough experience alongside the vets, farriers, equine dentists, etc. that she is our first line of support when a horse seems "off".  I am grateful to have Hideaway as a refuge in my life and so relieved that my horse is happy here."

- Dion Shimatsu-Ong & 'Peety'

"Hideaway is like heaven for both my horse and me. Other boarders and I laugh about how being in these gorgeous surroundings is like having a vacation in 'Provence' everyday. I always know that my horse will be so well taken care of by Alice and Lee that I can rest easy when I'm away from him. This quiet and peaceful ranch is like home away from home, and so different from any other place I've ever boarded. The trails are gorgeous for both riding and hiking and the barn is charming. I hope that Lucca and I are here as long as we have to board."

- 'Lucca' and Mair Mackinnon, N.D.


"When I had to move from Eagle's Nest, Hideaway was the only place to be considered ecause of it's location and size.  The compactness, postive energy, and peacefulness = no drama!  How's that for a different kind of barn.

Alice and Lee live on the property.  Alice treats the horses as if they were her own.  She checks in on each one every day and knows when something is not right.  Hearing a horse having a coughing fit because it's going into anaphylactic shock from a bee sting, getting cast or checking that they got the correct hay.  She knows each one's patterns and that is worth it's weight in gold.  When Izzy colicked she called me right away, walked her until I got there and then stayed with me during the vet procedure.  I ended up staying on the couch in the break room so I could check on her every couple of hours but knew if I had to call the vet, I could knock on Alice's door.

The hay that Hideaway gets is good stuff and horses are fed by their size, not just a standard flake.  

The atmosphere is casual and everyone is pretty friendly and arena sharing is standard.  The trails for riding or walking are geat to expand your variety.  

I think that one of the biggest pluses is our NH support group, and it's growing.  I know several people who are the only ones that practice NH at their barns and they are very lonely.  You won't be the odd man out waving an orange stick or wiggling the lead rope.  

Horses that have been nervous at other barns come to Hideaway and are able to relax and thrive, it's quite amazing.  

I'm glad I came to Hideway."

- Susan Tambara,  'Izzy & Tango'


"Growing up I was fortunate to live in a place with room for my kids (horses). Life changes and circumstances provided the opportunity for me to start boarding. Needless to say, I was very worried about the prospect to not have complete control over the care of my horse. My fears were quickly dispelled when I met Alice and Lee. They are absolutely wonderful and caring people. Alice and Lee are always around and have really taken the time to get to know every horse. They will promptly call me if there is the slightest change in Summer's behavior.

I love the atmosphere at Hideaway. As a young girl, I used to ride my previous horses down Cull Canyon Road to meet my friends for trail rides at Hideaway. I have now reunited with old friends and gained new and long lasting friendships. The trail riding is phenomenal - there really are no words. In the winter there is a covered arena which allows for the ability to continue riding year round. Hideaway truly is a sanctuary for me and my horse."

- Lori & Summer