What better place to ride or train your horse and relax at the same time.

Boarding your horse at Hideaway Ranch will not only afford you with the lighted indoor and outdoor arenas to ride in but will also give you miles of trails on thousands of acres to ride. 

You can stay on the 103 acres of Hideaway and do an hour or so of trail riding or you can go out the gate at the back of the pasture into Las Trampas Regional Wilderness park (3,882 acres) and ride for hours. Head up Devil's Hole Trail to an elevation of 2,024 feet and take in the breath taking views. On their expanded trail system riders can enjoy its remote and rugged areas on terrain which allow a feeling of privacy and escape from our urban hustle and bustle lives. When you start out on Devil's Hole go just a little ways and head up to the left and enter the East Bay Municipal Utility District's watershed which is about 27,000 acres. A permit is required to ride on the watershed for a small fee, call 510-287-0459 for prices or you can get the permit online. There are fifty-five miles of trails on EBMUD land all accessible from our back gate.  EBMUD's trails connect with other trails in the adjoining East Bay Regional Parks, not just Las Trampas, offering you an experience of enormous spaciousness and almost high-mountain adventure.

The Land, Vegetation, Animals and Birds

Two major Bay Area faults, the Las Trampas and Bollinger faults, account for the uplift and exposure of four well-defined geological formations. On the Devil's Hole Trail you will see caves and rock formations, and even rocks which hold remnants of ancient beach and shoreline.

The dominant woodland vegetation on western and southern exposures are black sage, chamise and buck brush. Toyon, hybrid manzanitas, elderberry, gooseberry, chaparral, currant, sticky monkeyflower, coffeeberry, coyote bush, hollyleaf red berry, deer weed along with dozens of other species are interspersed. And, oh yes, there is also that dreaded poison oak. Coast live oak and bay laurel are the dominant trees and other species are buckeye, big leaf maple, canyon live oak, black oak and scrub oak.  Half a dozen fern species and large areas of grassland grace the trails.  Wildflowers abound in the spring.

Wildlife includes deer, raccoons, foxes, opossums, bobcats, skunks, squirrels and rabbits. Do be wary of rattlesnakes in the warmer months.  Mountain lion sightings have been reported in recent years.  As you ride, you can watch the many species of hawks soar above you, and if you are lucky might even see a golden eagle.

Hideaway Ranch and it's awesome trails are home to the 1st Place 2007 NATRC Lightweight Novice Horse, Region 1. 'The Terminacre' a six year old quarter horse, trained on these trails before competing in the spring and summer distance rides. He also placed Second as Lightweight Novice Horse for all six regions of NATRC even though he missed one competition. 

The trails are a great training ground for endurance or distance riding.  Or if you just want to enjoy the trails and have the benefit of your horse getting in top physical condition, come and ride the trails.

The views are spectacular, ride in the evening and see gorgeous sunsets.